Monday, September 29, 2008

political tshirt design contest: plz vote for me

Sport Your Support T-Shirt Contest
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The contest is that you use the phrase "I'm voting for" but then instead of the name of a specific candidate, you choose an issue that you feel strongly about. I chose the pro-life issue. click the link above to view and vote for my design.

thank you!
contest ends October 12th - I'm entering late! help me out!!

you can also check out my shop at

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Johnny's shop!

Hey I helped Johnny make a shop so he can have some extra cash. He came up with some pretty awesome stuff too! He did the ideas, I did the art. TAG TEAM YAY!!

<-- here it is!

So far he's made about $3 bucks... haha.... ^^;; and all but 30 cents of that was stuff I bought.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

dunn dun dunn dun dun!

..that was my evil overlord music, in case you missed it.

evil overlord of grammatical errors.
and spelling errors.
erronious. last blog post is now incorrect because taco bell changed their prices for summer. and i'm thrilled! but now i look like someone who can't count. actually i look like someone who can't use a calculator. sad. so yeah.. those burritos i like WERE $1.50 for a while.. now they are back to 99 cents...which they actually already were - prior to being 1.50.. taco bell thought they could do like gas prices and hopped on the inflation bandwagon. but i just stopped going there when they were 1.50, and they noticed no one was buying them anymore... (really it was just me, but shhh don't tell them) so they dropped it back down and did a whole advertising thing so i'd come back. nice, i know...

and my calculator is broken (lets not talk about that now) so i can't tell you how much my year of burritos everyday would cost at the cheaper price... unless i go into the handy accessories section on my computer.. but who wants to do that?!
good thing i went to school...haha.

i was going to try to pick blogging back up because i noticed it's material i could use if i ever take up stand up comedy (shut up it's true!). but on a new blog... because logging in and out of my old and new google accounts is just soo much work.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

so hey

i recently had to change e-mails and this blogger account is linked with the e-mail that i lost... >_> so just fyi, i can't update it often.

but in other news i'm excited to find out that if i could afford to eat taco bell for a whole year on just one paycheck :) yep, best news ever.

if i ate a burrito from taco bell every day for a year it would cost a grand total of $547.50 (actually right now that's about a months worth of pay because i'm cutting back my hours...) BUT!!! given the fact that i don't eat taco bell every day, this means that i'm saving a tremendous amount of money in the long run and can finally fullfil my life-long dream of buying a private island
just's more like a 15 minute long dream from since i found this particular how-to...i love how-to's

and before you call me a fatty and tell me about the documentary about the dummy who ate grease sandwiches or whatever for every meal, let me tell you i'm an extremly healthy individual!! ......okay that's a lie, but i have good motabolism and i've been doing okay on weekly taco bell so far.... soo yeah...

i guess that's about it... i will probably start a new blog using my new e-mail account to make for easy access. don'tcha just love google? (don't answer that)

so untill then, later!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

woah what's this?

so it's spring and i'm working on my fake tan and hating my job and super busy... nothing new. but i'm blogging anyway?

i changed the url on my shop to
it's easier to type than 'nemuiPanda05'. so yeah... that url won't work anymore.
i need to make some business cards i think...

i opened a savings account :D yesssss. i'm awesome. the guy at the bank was a little awkward...i hate it when i can't tell if someone is flirting with me or not. i guess if i can't tell that they are flirting then they probably aren't. but if they aren't then why do i still feel awkward when a guy asks the exact location of the beauty supply where i work? weirdo.
a guy came in to where i work a few weeks ago and while i was ringing him up, out of no where, he's like "by the way, you're gorgeous. you're the only reason i come in this store." ... if only everyone were so forward! or maybe not...? i'm horrible at responding to any kind of flirting anyway... soo i guess that's why i haven't seen him since? haha...

here's something i made in my shop that i might actually purchase:

i'm all for not wasting paper and stuff.. but some people need to chill out and realize that trees grow back and create clean air and stuff all the time! that's how God made it and it's working just fine. *gets off soap box*

in other news...
i bought 2 suze orman books. i've been obsessing over them for a while now, and discovered a $30 giftcard that i had no idea that i had.. so i finally bought the books :) go me!
she kinda scares me.. too much "hip" jargon for her age... but hey, she knows what she's talking about! so i'll deal.

other than that......well there's lots going on. but i'm done typing for now.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

i have a feeling it will be a busy year

good lord january is over already!! i feel like i've been non-stop since new years... early morning dentist trips, working 30 hours a week, music practice or some other church event all evening.. EVERY SINGLE DAY! i have noooooooo free time!! i frequently find myself fantasizing about just organizing my closet, or doing my laundry, or even just sitting doing nothing! things i probably would have dreaded 5 years ago.

what i would really love to do is have time to go down to the beach and walk. but my work schedule is so intrusive to my whole life! i can't do much of anything because i have work hanging over my head every day.

i've been working on getting into the online art college.. but that is stressing me out too!! all these financial aid deadlines that i know nothing and stuff i'm afraid to think about. plus i hate talking on the phone still...especially with strangers. if my application isn't rejected for not filling out all the papers in time, i might be starting in mid february. i hope i have the time! jeez...
reaaaaaaally need to get a new job. i don't want to work so much. :( i need more "me" time.
and i hate sharing this god damn room. all these organizing fantasies are no good if i have no space to myself!!! grrrrrr.

Friday, January 25, 2008

quest for the tax return forms...OMGZ

hmm.. apparently the government doesn't want to give me money? SURPRISE! but seriously. it's like a flipping easter egg hunt just to find the forms!

this morning i went to 2 different post offices AND the library and i still don't have them. the post offices were no help at all. the first one said "oh you have to go to our MAIN post office for those" so i did. "oh aren't they out in the lobby?" i didn't see any "well that means we're out, sorry have a nice day" out? OUT? don't you have one back there you could just HAND me, instead of making me SEARCH! what is it like a limited time offer? once they're gone, they're gone till next year? WTF people?! GET IT TOGETHER! so then i went to the library... CLOSED! at 11 am on a friday? apparently no one needs books untill after 12:30 pm on friday.. uggggh.

not how i wanted to spend my day off. my one and only day off this whole week :( apparently the schedule is being changed again too.. jeez. but this morning i had to get up early to let the plumber in - out kitchen sink was broken. i was reaaaally wanting to sleep in on my day off, but noooo. T_T *sigh* then couldn't take a shower or do laundry, because the water had to be turned off. so that's half of my day off wasted already......

people need to stop giving me things to do!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

epiphany-ish moment

working my ass off for minimum wage with dental bills piling up.. actually they aren't really piling up, considering that the first one was 2 friggin grand, that's not piling that's like...exploding. but i figured out i can pay that off in 12 months if i pay $180 a month...which isn't too bad. but that means i can't quit my job any time soon......which sucks because i hate it sooo much now.

i don't want to be a cosmotologist anymore.. after this job, all the ones i've met are really fake, rude, and/or mean. so i've decided i don't want to go to school with these people and i definately don't want to work with them for the rest of my life! bleh. i'll just use my emplyee discount to buy some nice thinning sheers and stuff and keep doing what i've been doing - cutting hair for people i care about. aka friends and family only.

so i'm looking into an online art school. just gotta get the dental bills under control so i can start something like that... i don't like to dig myself in toooo deep financially. it'll be worth it though. then i can get a job designing websites for people. sooo many people i know need websites made. i'd even like one for myself for art and posting a resume to get commissions and such. so yeah. next goal! SCHOOL!
i have so much on my plate right now... i need another change - one with less responsibilities!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

californiaaaaa knows how to party

got my tattooooo~ i told you it would be soon! i love it. <3 i'll post a picture later maybe.

know what pisses me off? when people argue with you and don't even hear your point. they're just waiting till you're done talking to repeat their point again and again.
"why didn't you...?"
"no one told me"
"well you should have known!"
"well i didnt know"
"well you should have"
"how can i know if no one tells me?"
"you should have known"

.... T_T seriously?

i need to move out. badly. i hate sharing a room with a nazi, and i hate all the rediculous rules that don't make any sense.... cuz i'm gonna have sex in the front room while you're in the other room...?! NO! dumbasses.

i want my own room.. in my own appartment.. with my own furniture.. and my own puppy... <3 *sigh*

Saturday, January 05, 2008

work blah blah blah *~

well now that minimum wage has gone up to $8.00 it would seem i'm working for minimum wage. :( that doesn't make me happy. i asked my manager if because of minimum wage going up if then our pay would go up.. and she pretty much side stepped my question by telling me how generous it was to start everyone out at $8 (back when it was .50 over min) so maybe she didn't understand my question? i don't know. but not happy...

come the end of this month i'll have had this job for 6 months! yikes, half a year.. i think i can probably only take another 6 months, then i'll have to find something better. my expenses for this year are already insane.

$730.90 for auto insurance.. which i'm gonna just pay all at once to get out of the way. then HOPEFULLY i can get a payment plan going for my $2160.00 dental bill! :x plus $100.00 (estimate) for a tattoo this week.. ahhh!! need more money! need to go back to schoooool.. oh nooo!

got information for a few art schools. i don't really want to be a cosmotologist anymore, as fun as that would be - art makes more money. which is fine. i like art too.. and hair stylists always have to be nice and talk to their clients.. if i'm doing graphic arts i can stay home and me a hermit...which sounds just lovely right now.
i wanna move out soooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hate sharing a room.. no one knows how much of a bitch my sister can be...she's such a moody snob. either art school in LA or San Fransico.. or music school in the UK... just gotta get out of here.